Todaytec is a global manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbon. Our experienced sales team is serving about 2500 customers in over 60 countries, helping them to grow business.
      In 2002, Todaytec started producing TTR. This is a time in TTR history that customers can chose something different to make them more powerful. From then on, The TTR manufacturing center is moving from developed countries to China step by step, and it‘s getting faster and faster now.
      In 2009, Todaytec began producing , warehousing and shipping quality products to North America from its Charlotte, NC based converting facility. In 2012, Todayec started European warehouse in Hamburg, Germany and distribute Jumbo Rolls from there. Todaytec will build more and more overseas subsidiary in near future to provide local service to our valued customers.
     Todaytec is an ISO9001 certificated company. We guarantee to provide the best quality.
     Todaytec is a environment friendly company. All our products are complied with RoHS, REACH restriction and passed ISEGA test. You can use our products for any industry including food packaging.
     Todaytec is committed to customer growth. We appreciate your business and always try our best to make your different from competitors. Todaytec has a wealth of industry experience in R&D, TTR manufacturing, product development and customer service.  We look forward to growing your TTR business and becoming a part of the Todaytec global family!