At present, the global information development brings the great transformation of manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and sales sections. Hundreds of billions of goods and products in the form of label to label the information such as origin, material, performance, barcode, etc. It brings the explosion of thermal transfer barcode demand, as well.

We serve for varieties of industries with request emerging in endlessly, differ in thousands of ways. How to meet the needs of different industries is the orientation of our efforts in the future. This needs us work more meticulous, targeted production and recommend appropriate products for customers.


                            Inventory Labels                                            Logistic                  



                               Wash care                                                    Tag


                             Medicare                                                    Medical wrist strap


                             Blood bank                                                  Nameplate


                              Super Market                                            Tickets /Bills


                              Engine                                                        Chemical barrels


                            Jewelry                                                         Outdoor tags

                          ID card copy